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Future Industry Standard for Blockchain and Internet of Things

Skynet combines innovative solutions for scalable distributed ledger networks with the first blockchain chip to create an industry-ready IoT interconnection of unprecedented scale.


Skynet Core: The World's First RISC-V Blockchain IoT Chip

Skynet Core is a license-free and open-source RISC-V blockchain chip that can replace the modern CPU with a chip optimized for the Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology.
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Redefining Industry Standards

Skynet Core is an open-source and license-free chip optimized for the blockchain. By creating an ecosystem with little barrier to entry, Skynet will redefine the industry protocol standard by promoting the freedom and extensibility of hardware and intellectual property while supporting the widespread adoption of the Skynet protocols.
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Reinventing Hardware

Skynet Core supports isolated computing hardware, cryptocurrency storage, hash acceleration, transaction signing, device identity, and machine learning over distributed networks. Blockchain applications can be redefined at the hardware level with new methods to secure data, validators, and cryptocurrencies.

Laptop Image Accelerated Deep Learning

Achieve Matrix Multiplications At Tens Of Tera-Operations Per Second on-chip Intelligence.

Machine Reputation Image Cryptocurrency Cold Storage

Built in Crypto Hardware Wallet with CC EAL6+, RSA encryption, and secure memory

Node Discovery Image Hash Acceleration

Run High Throughput Public or Private Blockchains With Tailormade Cryptographic Engines.

Platform Image Trusted Execution Environment

Run blockchains and untampered code on an Open Source RISC-V secure enclave.


Revamping Adoption

With a scalable and open design, Skynet Core aims to interconnect and power billions of Internet of Things devices in the next several years. Skynet Cores will come with its native tokens, allowing devices to fully utilize any network in the Skynet ecosystem while fostering adoption of blockchain technology.
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Open Network

Skynet Open Network: Blockchain Built for Mass Adoption

Skynet Open Network (SON) is a modular platform that scales horizontally with the amount of blockchains on it. Skynet-powered devices will come with SON's native cryptocurrenices, enabling developers to build their own high throughput distributed applications that can be adopted across the Open Network immediately.
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Commercial Ready Architecture

SON uses a purpose-built hardware and BFT dPoS architecture combination to handle the workload and celerity needed for IoT domains. With an infinitely scalable architecture that achieves instant finality, SON supports networks that are immediately ready for the low fee and high throughput nature needed for the Internet of Things.

Economy Icon Instant Finality

Achieve One Second Block Finality Without Mining Or Centralization.

Infrastructure Icon Horizontal Scaling

Scale Operations Indefinitely By Spawning More Chains.

Cross Blockchain Communication Icon High Throughput

Attain Thousands Of Transactions Per Second With Each Chain.

Cross Blockchain Communication Icon Low Transaction Fees

Execute Transactions With A Near Feeless Cost Of <.001 Of A Cent.

Infinite Sharding Icon Customizable

Create Independent Chains With Different Governance and VMs.

Instant Icon Interoperable

Interchange Tokens and Validators With Other Networks


Skymint Development Kit

SON enables the creation of Skynet-Tendermint blockchains and distributed applications by providing turkey solutions for governance, security, tokens, and staking. Networks can be independent and tailormade for different device domains and locations while still being connected to pools of other devices and network ecosytems.
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Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/93
IBM Watson Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/99
UC Berkeley Robot-Hand10515 Skynet 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/93
Bejing Camera104AG5 Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation 19
London Parking Meter Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/100


Economic Viability

SON integrates the hardware, transport, security and payment layers into one single end-to-end system to serve as the data bus for all M2M interactions. With an Ethereum-compatible micropayment, dApp, and incentive layer, SON is designed to create an economically viable M2M Economy.
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Laptop Image Machine Identities

Accrue a machine reputation with each transaction and participate in a global identifiable IoT network.

Machine Reputation Image Distributed Computing

Reduce operational and computational costs by distributing workloads across devices.

Node Discovery Image Global Marketplace

Participate in a global M2M marketplace by exchanging data, information, and neural networks.

Platform Image Privacy-Preserving Learning

Train models and exchange knowledge without ever sharing or transferring data.