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Create the Future of Blockchain and Internet of Things

Skynet combines innovative solutions for scalable distributed ledger networks with the first blockchain chip to create an industry-ready IoT interconnection of unprecedented scale.


Skynet Core: The World's First Blockchain Chip

Skynet Core is a license-free and open-source RISC-V blockchain chip that can replace the modern CPU with a chip optimized for the Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology.
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Open Network

Skynet Open Network: Umbrella of Domain Specific Blockchains

Skynet Open Network is organized in the form of a modular umbrella project hosting a number of initatives that can be used in combination with one another to build Skynet compatible domain specific blockchains.
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Skymint Consensus Engine

SON uses a purpose-built hardware and High Performance PFBT-like Consensus Engine for IoT with built in reputation and identity primitives. Users can run IoT-ready secure and high performance Proof of Authority and Delegated Proof of Stake blockchains with little validator requirements.

Economy Icon Immutable Root of Trust

Independent layer for device identity, reputation, and identifier primitives.

Infrastructure Icon Instant Block Finality

One second absolute block finality needed for multi-chain systems.

Cross Blockchain Communication Icon High Throughput

Attain thousands of transactions per second with each chain.

Cross Blockchain Communication Icon Byzantine Fault Tolerant

Witstands to 1/3 of devices failing or running maliciously.

Infinite Sharding Icon Domain Agnostic

Programming language agnostic and interoperability for applications developed

Instant Icon Peer to Peer

Supports P2P Networking for discovering nodes and propogating messages


Skynet Software Dev Kit

SON enables the creation of soverign blockchains and distributed applications by providing turkey solutions for governance, security, tokens, and staking. Networks can be independent and tailormade for different device domains and locations while still being connected to pools of other devices and network ecosytems.
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Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/93
IBM Watson Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/99
UC Berkeley Robot-Hand10515 Skynet 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/93
Bejing Camera104AG5 Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation 19
London Parking Meter Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/100


Skynet Nibble & Gateway

SON provides platforms to enable the creation of interconnected blockchains and distributed applications, all with underlying device identity primitives, privacy-oriented computing, and high throughput.
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Laptop Image Private Chain Execution

Create oriented smart contracts with the use of RISC-V Trusted Exuection Environments.

Machine Reputation Image Skynet Virtual Machine

Create Ethereum-compatible distributed applications with an IoT optimized runtime.

Node Discovery Image Inter-hub Communication

Connect your hubs and blockchains with other private and public blockchains.

Platform Image Root of Trust

Connect and manage your devices in global network of autonomous and identified devices