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The First Blockchain Chip

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Intelligent Things

Skynet Video Coming Soon: Interconnecting All IoT Devices

Billions of License Free Blockchain Chips will be deployed to devices around the world and connected by the Skynet Open Network, enabling the real-world infrastructure for blockchain technology while making Skynet the most adopted end-to-end ecosystem.


Blockchain Hardware

Skynet Core contains revolutionary patent pending ideas such as the embedded Hardware Wallet and compact Crypto CPUs to provide the real-world infrastructure for blockchain technology. With the hardware, Skynet Core devices will be able to run high throughput blockchain networks and securely protect cryptocurrency from theft. Skynet Core will come with its native blockchain network hardware wallet and its cryptocurrenices, giving billions of devices immediate access to the fastest IoT blockchain network.
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Laptop Image Embedded Crypto Wallets

Skynet Core will contain a built in crypto wallet with CC EAL6+, RSA encryption, and secure memory, allowing devices such as phones and wearables to have the same crypto storage capabilities as the Ledger.

Processing Image Hash Accelerations

Skynet Core will provide novel SHA-256 crypto engines designed for running high speed blockchains or distributed applications. The core aims to achieve a encryption/decryption rate of faster than 20 MBS half duplex.

Transfer Image High Performance Blockchains

Skynet Core will enable as little as four small devices to run high throughput public or private blockchains exceeding 10,000 transactions per second. All devices are then able to run computationally expensive consensus algorithms like Proof of Work.

Soft Robot Image Automated Transaction Signing

Skynet Core's AI processors will enable automated transaction signing with a patent-pending designs to verify outgoing transactions.


Neural Net Processing Unit

Skynet Core aims to smash the barrier of modern processors with its advanced cores designed to accelerate deep learning applications over blockchain networks. We will partner with semiconductor companies to embed tensor processors focusing on 8-bit precision arithmetic into the Skynet Core design, enabling any Internet of Things device, such as robots, sensors, and drones to learn more advanced neural networks and have human-scale intelligence.

Laptop Image Accelerated Matrix Multiplication

Skynet Core will target matrix multiplications at tens of tera-operations per second, delivering 50x higher TOPS/Watt than NVIDIA's K80 GPU on deep learning.

Machine Reputation Image Brain on Chip System

Skynet Core can contain a brain-like microprocessor with programmable synapses that can allow devices to mimic how the human brain processes information.

Node Discovery Image Parallel Training

Skynet Cores are designed to execute identical programs in a synchronous and distributed manner, allowing for reduction operations being performed at the end of each training batch across the cores.

Platform Image Highly Customizable

Skynet Cores can be added on to any Graphics Processor, Tensor Processor, or Neural Processor, enabling the creation of a new blockchain System on Chip for targeted AI applications and Internet of Things devices.


Blockchain IoT Devices

Skynet Core will create a whole new revolution of IoT devices by combining the accelerated AI processing with blockchain networks. Skynet Core's design is modular, meaning that it can be embedded with any SoC in the world to form a new Blockchain Chip. The chip design will allow it to be embedded into servers as well as small IoT edge nodes, meaning that the Skynet Core can be implemented everywhere in the world and be connected by a blockchain network.
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AI Marketplace Icon Smart Cities

Skynet Core can power devices in a city and allow them all to be connected through many different blockchain network subsystems.

Crypto Icon Blockchain Smartphones

Phones with a Skynet Core will turn into a blockchain phone, allowing them to store cryptocurrency and validate transactions with biometrics.

Smart Wallet Icon Blockchain Wearables

Wearables will contain an embedded AI-powered crypto wallet, allowing them to sign transactions with the efficiency and security of a hardware wallet.

Evolution Icon Connected Cameras

Secure IP cameras can recognize abnormal objects and alert security devices and services over a blockchain network.

Federated Learning Icon Soft Robots

Soft Robots can be powered by Skynet Cores and learn functions from other robots.

Transfer Learning Icon Self-Driving Cars

Skynet Core self-driving cars can pay for charging and parking meters, and create passive income from sharing collected data.


Skynet Open Network: Fourth Generation IoT Blockchain

Skynet Open Network, SON, is a Infinitely Scalable Internet of Things Optimized Network that will facilitate interactions between intelligent devices. Billions of Skynet Cores will be deployed to devices across the world and come with SON's native cryptocurrenices, instantly making the Skynet Open Network the most adopted blockchain network.
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Infinity Chain Blockchain

Skynet Open Network, SON, uses a novel infinity-chain blockchain architecture to handle chaotic scalability and subsystems in IoT devices. Each SON blockchain is powered by Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerant, a high performance consensus allowing for an endless number of independent, high finality blockchains to be created. Each of these blockchains can then be connected through SON's cross-blockchain communcation protocol, allowing tokens to be sent to and from subchains and soverign blockchains like Ethereum. In this way, SON can allow interoperability between different blockchains and enable the network scale to billions of transactions per second.

Economy Icon Instant Finality

SON blockchains can achieve one second block finality, allowing chains to finalize transactions instantly.

Infrastructure Icon Infinite Sharding

An infinite amount of blockchains can be created, allowing the network collectively handle billions of transactions per second.

Cross Blockchain Communication Icon Cross-Chain Communication

Fast Public or Private Proof of Stake blockchains can be created on SON and be interoperable with one another.

Cross Blockchain Communication Icon Cross-Blockchain Bridges

Blockchains on SON can communicate with soverign blockchains such as Ethereum, EOS, and Bitcoin.

Infinite Sharding Icon BFT Delegated Proof of Stake

SON uses an IoT optimized consensus, allowing individual blockchains to handle upwards of 10,000 transactions per second.

Instant Icon Decentralized Exchange

SON blockchains can exchange tokens with one another through a native decentralized exchange, enabling token swapping between blockchains.


HyperScalable IoT Platforms

Skynet Open Network provides many underlying infrastructures to drive value and functionality from connected devices. With decentralized identity, distributed application, Proof of stake blockchain, and machine learning frameworks, applications on SON are meant to work together and facilitate interactions between many devices. As new blockchains or any existing applications can be created as a infinitely scaling variant on SON, SON platforms intend to enable applications to gain real world adoption and usability by allowing them to interface with billions of Skynet Core powered devices.
Decentralized Identity Image
Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/93
IBM Watson Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/99
UC Berkeley Robot-Hand10515 Skynet 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/93
Bejing Camera104AG5 Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation 19
London Parking Meter Skynet Core 1E9eC8kUC6FDT3H Reputation/100

Smart Lamp Icon Quantum Smart Contracts

SON contains modular platforms for building Ethereum compatible distributed applications with its native QVM.

Machine Reputation Icon Public & Private Interoperable Blockchains

SON contains multi-chain platforms for creating interoperable Public or Private BFT Proof of Stake blockchains.

Node Discovery Icon Decentralized Identities

SON contains a hybrid distributed ledger for providing a decentralized device identity and machine reputation system.

Platform Icon Decentralized Application Interface

SON contains is a virtual application layer that allows DApps to interface directly with the Skynet Cores.


AI KnowledgeNet

SON intends to serves as the collective intelligence and network of communication and transactions between Skynet Core devices and all other IoT Devices. With fundamental infrastructures such as AWS and ImageNet, as well as applications for decentralized machine learning built into the SON ecosystem, SON can serve as the central decentralized platform for all machine learning and IoT collaboration. Billions of devices will enter SON's ecosystem and have the capacity to securely self-organize, distribute training, and learn.
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Marketplace Icon Multi-Chain Marketplace

SON blockchains can participate in a multi-chain marketplace where devices can agree on value transfers.

Crypto Icon Distributed Computing

SON nodes can lend one another spare computing power to process neural networks at a faster pace.

Smart Icon Node Discovery

SON contains native secure peer-to-peer discovery protocols, enabling devices to query machine reputation lookup services

Evolution Icon Privacy Preserving ML

SON's DApps allow devices to train deep networks off decentralized private data and distribute computational power.

Federated Learning Icon Data Tagging

SON's DApps provide incentives for devices and people to label data for training neural networks.

Transfer Learning Icon Transfer Learning

SON's Dapps allow devices to fine tune their neural networks and use them for new situations.