OpenSingularity's mission is to pave the way to a free, open, and interconnected world. By lowering the entry barriers, opening up secure connections, and providing a permissionless end-to-end platform with Skynet, OpenSingularity aims to interconnect all Internet of Things devices and create widespread adoption of blockchain technology.
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Board of Directors

Skynet's Board of Directors are comprised of industry executives and academia
Alex Shi Photo

Alexander Shi

CEO and Founder
University of California, Berkeley

Founder of OpenSingularity Group

RISC-V Foundation Technical Committee

UCSD Medical Deep Learning Researcher

Research Featured on Cell and Nature

Intel and Amazon Robotics

Jae Jung Photo

Dr. Jae Jung

Ph.D. University of California, San Diego

CEO at NeoPace Telecom

Samsung Vice President & Research Fellow

UCSD VLSI Researcher

Samsung Technology Award Winner

Architect of Samsung Next-Gen Processor

Professor Jun Zhang

Ph.D. University of Nanjing

河海大学 Professor of Computer Science

Head of Nanjing's Social Computing Lab

Provincial Philosophy and Science Award

Leading Artificial Clustering Researcher

Author of 3 Books and 20 Patents

Dr. Carl Shi

Ph.D. University of California, San Diego

Vice President of Qualcomm Inc.

Led Commercialization of QCMM Chips

Inventor over 400 Patents Worldwide

Voice-Controlled Translation Device Inventor

Leader for Qualcomm Project Startups


Advisory Board

OpenSingularity's Board of Advisors are CEOs and Executives that can help bring adoption to the Skynet protocols.
Alex Shi Photo

Dr. Jackson He

M.B.A, Ph.D. University of Hawaii

CEO of Yingzi Technology Ltd.

GM of Intel APAC R&D

GM of Intel Software Service Group

Led Cloudera and Intel Collaboration

23 Years with Intel AI, Intel IT, Intel Datacenter

Over 30 Technical Papers and Books


Team Members

The Skynet development team ranges from Ph.D.s researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley to veteran engineers from NXP, Altera, and Google.

Louie Lu

Director of Product
M.B.A. University of California, San Diego

Qualcomm Strategic Ecosystem Development

Qualcomm IoT and AI Staff Product Manager

Led Commercialization of Qualcomm SoCs

Former General Manager at 12 Sigma, China

Rachel Ye

Business Development
University of California, Berkeley

Google Ventures, Investment Arm of Alphabet

RA at GV, Seed Investors of Uber, Stripe, Slack

Consultant for Facebook Inc.

Oath Consultant at CMG Strategy

First Place Deloitte Startup Comeptition

Sahil Sancheti

Software Developer
B.S. University of California, Berkeley

Researcher under OpenAI's Pieter Abbeel

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Engineer Software Engineer

NLP Researcher under Gireeja Ranade

Nuda Lu

Blockchain Developer
M.S. Illinois Institute of Technology

Microsoft Corporation Software Engineer

Microsoft's Bing Algorithm Developer

Internet Explorer and Edge Developer

Sony Network Software Engineer

Union Bank Engineer

David Wang

Director of Engineering
M.S. Florida Atlantic University

Qualcomm Staff Software Engineer

AI Neural Processor Researcher

Worked on 9-Gen Snapdragon Chips

Blockchain Lead Developer

Anya Hee

Software Developer
University of Southern California

USC Robotics Interaction Lab Researcher

USC Natural Language Dialogue Group

TA ITP-115 Viterbi School of Engineering

Human-Computer interactions specialist

Dr. Ron Yang

Ph.D. University of Wyoming

Petco Inc. Senior Database Architect

Data Architect at XIFIN

Accelrys Database Engineer

Albert Einstein Medical School Researcher

David Wang

Software Developer
Columbia University

USCD Supercomputer Center Researcher

University of Pennsylvania Vagelos Scholar

Columbia University I.I. Rabi Scholar

U.S. Olympiad Nationals Finalist

Joey Hejna

Software Developer
University of California, Berkeley

Intel Artificial Intelligence Division

Stanford University SEC Research Assistant

Andorid Developer at MDB

National Championships FRC Robotics

Bruce Wang

Director of Engineering
M.S. University of British Columbia

Qualcomm ASIC Development Team Lead

Senior Staff Engineer, Qualcomm

UTStarcom Senior Staff Engineer

Elina Yon

Software Developer
University of California, Berkeley

Vice President of Berkeley's Launchpad

UC Berkeley Public Health Data Analyst

Software Developer at Terabit Networks

Team USA Archery

Venkat Tangirala

Ecosystem Director
M.B.A San Diego State University

Qualcomm Inc. Senior Program Manager

Qualcomm Senior Staff Manager

Qualcomm W5 Phone Target Lead

Senior Unit Manager Philips Medical Systems

Peter Sorensen

Software Developer
University of California, Berkeley

Amazon Sagemaker Deep Learning Team

SWE at Walmart Global eCommerce

IT Consultant at CGI

UC Berkeley Digital Communications Assistant

Catherine Shi

Technology Innovation
M.S. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business

Wharton School of Business Innovation Fellow

Team USA Gold Medalist

Graduate Innovation Researcher at UPenn

Research Assistant UPenn School of Medicine

UCSD Medical Research Lab Coordinator

William Shi

Research Scientist
M.D. Candidate Stanford University

Stanford University Graduate Researcher

Stanford University Research Fellow

UCSD Opthalmology Lab Manager